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The Mastership Game Scott McBain 2000

The Mastership Game Scott McBain 2000

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The Mastership Game Scott McBain 2000

The ultimate conspiracy thriller. It is the most secret contest in the world – for the highest stakes.

At the beginning of the 21st century, only one institution stands above the sea of corruption into which most governments, councils and think tanks have fallen. The College, established on a Scottish island in the Middle Ages, is the most powerful and secretive organisation in the world. It is subject to the control only of its Master.

So who will be the next Master? The one who wins the Mastership Game.

Five Fellows are selected. Each must fulfil certain tasks to be accepted as the candidate. And they must understand the moral and philosophical nature of the Game.

But there’s a catch. The players must take part in a contest without knowing the rules and there can only be one winner. Once committed, things are the opposite of what they expect. They quickly need to understand the true nature of the game if they want to stay alive. So how high are the stakes? Is murder on the cards? And are others playing as well by different rules?

The only clue is an old Chinese puzzle box, whose maker died hundreds of years ago. The box is far beyond their reach and its secret has never been solved. Yet it contains both the path to the Mastership… and its ultimate answer.

The Game is played all over the world.

The players require all their skills to survive, let alone solve the clues.

The winner is uncertain until the surprise ending.

Compelling and fascinating, The Mastership Game is a race involving a tempestuous clash of character and wills as the players, and the reader, are forced to consider the true nature of power and just what they will do to attain it.

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