The Village of Briarton d20 Gold Rush Games 2003

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The Village of Briarton d20 Gold Rush Games 2003

The Village of Briarton is a village setting book written for the D20 System, and suited for use in any fantasy world.

Whether the characters need a place to rest, recuperate and refit for new adventures, the GM needs a starting point for a new campaign, or the players want a detailed locale from which their characters hail, the Village of Briarton is ready to serve.

The Village of Briarton contains everything you need to know about the colorful inhabitants, intriguing history, possible adventures and dark secrets of this seemingly peaceful farming village.

The Village of Briarton contains:
48 villagers, from craftsmen to shopkeepers to retired adventurers, including detailed D20 System writeups and backgrounds
11 interesting, fully detailed places of business
6 brand new spells
2 original deities (one good and one evil)
2 original domains -- Hearth and Pestilence
1 deadly new monster