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The Vision Of Stephen Lolah Burford 1979

The Vision Of Stephen Lolah Burford 1979

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The Vision Of Stephen Lolah Burford 1979

He is the son of a king, heir to a warrior people. But when a net woven of love, intrigue and loyalty closes around him, neither his lineage nor his spirit can keep him from the grim fate decreed for traitors.

His mind and body stretched beyond endurance, he wills himself away-and awakens to the gentle voices of another time.

Its people, whom he learns to love, cannot imagine the agony of the rack, the fierce battles of man and monster, or the magic that is Stephen's daily fare.

Although it is among them that he finds comfort, his own century keeps calling him back to face the increasingly terrible consequences of his noble silence-until a climactic moment of violence shatters the chains of time forever!

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