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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay WFRP Apocrypha Now

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay WFRP Apocrypha Now

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay WFRP Apocrypha Now

Apocrypha Now is a collection of material from the early days of Warhammer FRP, ranging from rules add-ons and new background to new PC races, a collection of short adventures and settings for your own games.

The best way to describe it is to give you a run-down of its contents. It's in three sections: new rules; new material for the different character races; and new background, encounters and adventures.

The first part brings you everything from rules on social class and playing Noble characters to new magic items and magic armour, more firearms, and a new view on Fate Points and how to use them. The second includes rules for Gnome PCs, new character careers for Elves and Dwarfs including the fearsome Elven Wardancers; and a piece on the psychology of the non-human races

The third section includes six encounters, adventures and campaign settings. These range from the mighty riverboat The Emperor Luitpold and the Great Hospice of Shallya to two taverns where things are not as they seem, and a visit to a doctor who takes the idea of ‘kill or cure’ to its logical extreme. All of these are designed to be easy to drop into an on-going campaign: they’ll all fit easily into The Enemy Within campaign, for example.

The volume also contain rules for converting characters and items between Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer FRP. It’s been our best-selling supplement so far, and we believe it’s essential reading for anyone who wants to take their campaign to the next level of play.

Apocrypha Now is compiled from pieces which originally appeared in the two out-of-print Warhammer FRP supplements The Restless Dead and Warhammer Companion, as well as several articles which were published in White Dwarf magazine and which have never been reprinted. If we missed out some of your favourites then don’t panic - a second volume, Apocrypha 2: Chart of Darkness, is now out, featuring more of them.

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