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Rogue Agent 1-3 Wizard Witches Accidental Sorcerer K. E. Mills

Rogue Agent 1-3 Wizard Witches Accidental Sorcerer K. E. Mills

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The Rogue Agent Series:

#1 - The Accidental Sorcerer

#2 - Witches Incorporated

#3 - Wizard Squared


Witches Incorporated Rogue Agent 1-3 K. E. Mills

It's a case of espionage, skullduggery and serious unpleasantness. And it's also Gerald's first official government assignment. He's hunting down a deadly saboteur, and time is quickly running out. Old enemies and new combine forces to thwart him.

Once again, innocent lives are on the line. He needs his friends. He can't do this alone.

But Princess Melissande and Reg have troubles of their own. With the help of Monk Markham's brilliant, beautiful sister, they've opened a one-stop-shop witching locum agency, where magical problems are solved for a price.

Problem is, the girls are struggling to keep the business afloat. Things are looking grim for Witches Incorporated and that's before they accidentally cross paths with Gerald's saboteur.

Suddenly everybody's lives are on the line and Gerald realises, too late, that there's a reason government agents aren't supposed to have friends 

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